Application Process



  • Those who enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or doctoral program in Turkey or abroad,
  • Those who graduated of from a undergraduate program at least,
  • And high school seniors who have acceptance from a higher education institution can apply for summer school.


  • The medium of instruction at Boğaziçi University is English. The applicants are expected to have  a sufficient level of English that enables them to follow the courses and succeed in the exams.
  • The applicants from English-medium universities and native English-speaking countries do not need to submit the proof of English proficiency.
  • In case the proof of English proficiency can not be documented, please contact the Office.
  • Please contact the Office directly about GPA.


  • You are recommended to check the summer school calendar first.
  • You can apply to the program to transfer the grades of the courses taken in summer program to home university, as well as for your personal research, thesis or project.
  • If you are planning to transfer the grades of the courses taken in summer program to home university, it is recommended to review carefully the course content first, and to check how compatible the course you want to take during the program is with the courses at your university in terms of language and content, and it is recommended to share the content of the course with the authorized offices or individuals at your own institution (advisor, registrar's office, chair of department, etc.). We also suggest you to continue with the application after obtaining their consent or approval for the courses. However, please note that the Office does not require any approval documents.
  • You can find the syllabi in the course list. If you can not, please contact the Office directly.
  • The medium of instruction at Boğaziçi University is English. However, certain departments, such as Turkish Language and Literature, may offer courses in Turkish as well. To confirm the language of instruction for a specific course, please contact the Office directly.
  • You can take a maximum of three courses during the summer semester. If you need to enroll in more courses, please contact the Office directly.
  • Quota restriction: The visiting student are exempt from the quota restriction. Please note that the instructor of relevant course may ask this restriction.
  • Prerequisite: The visiting student are exempt from the this restriction.
  • The Summer School Coordination Office provides accommodation options for visiting students coming from outside Istanbul and abroad.
  • You are recommended to review "Tuition & Payment" and "Refund Policy".
  • Visa: The visa regime varies from country to country. Click here for the visa regime applicable to your country!


The process for candidates wishing to apply for the summer school is as follows:

  1. The candidate submits the application form.
  2. If the application form is completed without any missing information, the Summer School Coordination Office evaluate the application within one week and notify the candidate whether they are eligible for the program or not.
  3. Upon acceptance, the candidate pay the tuition according to the acceptance letter received.
  4. From mid-May, the Office sends ID numbers to students who have pay the tuition. That means the completion of the registration process.