Course Change & Cancellation


Course Change

Visiting students can update the courses they have taken until the end of the online application period. For this, it is sufficient to make course changes on the application form. However, after the student number is assigned, course changes are made through the Office. Student numbers are usually assigned in mid-May.

Changes are also possible during the course add-drop period. During this period, course changes are made through the Office as well. No refunds are made for dropped courses during this period.

If the tuition has been paid and the credit amount obtained after the course change is higher, the excess credit fee need to be paid first. In the opposite case, a refund can be requested.

Withdraw and Program Cancellation

  • Visiting students can withdraw from a course or courses during the withdrawal period by contacting the Office. The tuition fee, however, won't refunded in this period.
  • To claim a refund, you neet to contact the Summer School Coordination Office by the end of the Online Application period. After this date, refund requests will not be accepted under any circumstances. Click here for the refund process.